By Erin Lukas
Updated Aug 10, 2018 @ 1:30 am
Credit: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Kylie Jenner changes her hair more often than she drops new Kylie Cosmetics collections. Thanks to a vast assortment of wigs in every length and color of the rainbow, Jenner can switch up her hairstyles whenever the mood strikes without cutting or over-processing it.

On Aug. 9, Jenner posted photos from her 21st birthday celebration, and her look included waist-length, icy blonde hair. The internet wrote it off as just another wig, but according to Jenner's stylist Chris Appleton, the color is actually real.

Appleton confirmed to Allure that her new blonde shade is, in fact, the real deal. "Kylie is her own person — the whole idea — it’s not the predicted icy blonde. It’s a real transformation but it’s really golden. She likes to have fun with her hair. She’s been dark for a while, so it was time to change it up," he said.

Appleton — who also took Kim Kardashian icy blonde last fall — told the publication that the color transformation was entirely Jenner's idea, and that she wanted a warmer color instead of a cool-toned hue. "So many people stay away from gold. As a stylist, you’re taught that gold is hit and miss, but it’s really beautiful. It’s any girl’s dream,” he said.

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Jenner's hair started at a dark brunette shade, so taking her to blonde wasn't easy. Appleton said that transitioning the star to her lighter shade took two days of processing out of her own home.

If Barbie was the reference for Jenner's new look, mission accomplished. Jenner posted a photo of two Barbies with the caption "Goodnight" to Instagram. The blonde doll in the post is wearing a replica of her sparkly jumpsuit, one of two outfits she wore to her birthday party. The second doll wearing a dress and one sneaker, is tagged as Jordyn Woods, her BFF.

A 21st birthday vibe, indeed.