Kylie Jenner Just Joined Kendall and Kanye West in This Family Business

Once upon a time — some might call it the (relative) calm before the Stormi — Kylie Jenner sparked some drama with her brother-in-law, Kanye West.

It all began when rumors began to churn that the then-18-year-old Jenner was picking up her first major athletic label endorsement as the new face of Puma. Not surprisingly, West — a down-and-out Adidas guy, considering his Yeezy partnership with the German sportswear maker — did not react well to the news.

"There will never be a Kylie Puma anything ... 1000% Kylie is on Yeezy team!!!" he tweeted back in 2016. "Puma we gone give you your measly million dollars back!!! Never try to divide the family!!!

Joke was on him, however, because Jenner did end up signing a deal with Puma, which was rumored to be worth seven figures. It has now been 2 years and one baby later, and it looks like Jenner is coming around. The 20-year-old new mama and makeup mogul has switched teams, announcing Tuesday via Instagram Stories that she's playing for Adidas.

On Saturday, Jenner shared a photo of herself wearing Adidas sneakers from the Alexander Wang collaboration. The company confirmed to Fashionista that she will be starring in the campaign for the Adidas Falcon.

But don't feel too bad for Puma — they've still got a few big name brand ambassadors, including Rihanna, who designs her Fenty collection with the brand, Selena Gomez (heard of her?) and, awkwardly enough, Gomez's ex, The Weeknd. (Meanwhile, The Weeknd's on-again girlfriend, Bella Hadid, is the face of Nike, while Hadid's older sister Gigi is the face of Reebok. Keep up!)

Back to Jenner. The reality star's new endorsement truly brings it home for the family, as big sis Kendall Jenner also serves as one of the (many, many) faces of Adidas Originals; she's in good company with fellow Adidas junkies Karlie Kloss and collaborator Pharrell.

You know what they say, the family that scores multi-million dollar endorsement deals together, stays together.

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