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You know who’s got money in the bank? Kylie Jenner.

The beauty mogul and reality TV star celebrated her 21st birthday on Thursday in L.A., reminding us that for rich people — rich people with a net worth of $900 million, that is — all the world’s a stage!

Jenner and her family shut down Delilah’s in West Hollywood for a party that we would have given anything — even our hard-earned Lip Kits — to attend. There, she partied like Barbie in a cute satin-wrap Dundas dress, changed into an $8,000 jumpsuit, dove into an adult ball pit, and welcomed every member of her clan — Caitlyn Jenner included.

But what would it cost you to ball (hehe) like Kylie? Look, celebrities often get things for free (stars, they’re not just like us!), meaning it's safe to assume that Jenner got a few party perks gratis. An example? That special performance by her beau, Travis Scott.

If you’re a normal like me, however, you’re going to have to save up many, many, many pay stubs to be able to afford such an over-the-top event. How do we know? Based on our pieced together internet research, we’ve concluded that Kylie Jenner’s birthday party cost upwards of $345,000.

Below, a breakdown of what you’d have to spend to take on the #LifeofKylie.

The Outfits

Kylie first arrived in a Barbie-like Dundas design that we estimate cost around $3,000. (On Net-a-Porter, the brand’s dresses range from, $1,130 to $5,100, so $3,000 is a happy middle.) Later, she changed into a custom $8,000 LaBourjoisie jumpsuit covered in crystals. She also wore a Martin Katz ring valued at a cool $148,000.

Throw in a pair of shoes — we’ll guess she wore $695 Christian Louboutin pumps — and you’ve brought the total to $159,000.

Hair & Makeup

We know that Jen Atkin, the celebrity hairstylist that’s previously worked with many a Kardashian sister and Chrissy Teigen, charges $1,100 for a haircut. Though Kylie donned a platinum wig for the evening, we assume that her go-to wig guru Tokyo Stylez charged approximately the same amount for her blonde look.

Guessing that she also paid about $1,000 for makeup as well, we’ll say her total glam cost $2,000.

The Venue, Plus Drinks and Food

The party was held at West Hollywood spot Delilah’s, where drinks range from $18 for something basic to $30 for something called the Champagne Papi. What’s it cost to rent out the space for a night? Considering rent in L.A. is astronomical, let’s give her the benefit of the doubt and go for $7,000, based on estimates from comparable event spaces. Drinks and food — including an over-the-top Kylie cake? Giving celebrities an open bar and solid appetizers could cost something like $10,000, bringing this total to $17,000.

Party Favors

Friends drank from yellow, pink, and green neon cups with Kylie’s name on them (the cup colors were assigned based on your relationship status — yellow meaning "single AF"; green meaning "it's complicated"; and pink meaning "taken"), and employees wore T-shirts with Kylie’s Forbes cover splashed across them. Cups for everyone? We’ll ball park that at $300, and the shirts probably cost about the same. Throw in the cost of balloons — also around $300 — and the cost of confetti —$200, eh?— and we’ll say the basics of the décor boiled down to $1,100.

Kylie Jenner Birthday Party 3
Credit: Instagram/KhloeKardashian

The Neon Sign

There was a neon “21” sign, which is exciting. From a quick Google search, designing your own could cost you around $200.

The Ball Pit

Jenner took a cue from the playground and brought a massive ball pit to the party. Fun! On average, these could cost you between $800 to $1,200 for one, and since Jenner’s looked to be about the size of three, we’re going to say hers cost $3,000.

The Photo Booth

For years, the Kardashian-Jenner crew have turned to MirMir — a company that specializes in photo booths for major celebrity events — for those glossy black and white images you always see on their feeds. She had one at her party, and renting one for at least four hours cost $2,750.

Kylie Jenner Party Embed 1
Credit: Instagram/KhloeKardashian

The Portrait of the Family

Inside Delilah’s, there was a portrait of all of the members of Kylie’s inner circle. No word on who was commissioned to put this together, but if I were an artist, I’d charge a solid $10,000.

The Entertainers

Kylie’s beau Travis Scott performed at the party, and even comedian Dave Chapelle took the stage to deliver some jokes. Two major entertainers in one night? That’s at least $150,000 in our book.

The Total: $345,745