Kyle Richards
Credit: Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage caught up with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards at the launch of Lia Sophia’s latest jewelry collection in West Hollywood last night to get the inside scoop about her new handbag line. “It’s everything I love!” Richards told us. Here’s what else you have to look forward to:

  1. THE BAGS WILL BE NAMED AFTER THE HOUSEWIVES: “There are a lot of bags in the collection, so I get to name each of them after my daughters, my friends, and the Housewives. The Housewives love it. I’m having them flip through my sample book and they get to pick their favorite bag and name it after themselves.”
  1. WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE: “They’re oversized bags—a reflection of my taste. My favorite bag from the collection is a purple snakeskin doctor bag. It was a lot of fun designing that.”
  1. HOW SHE DESIGNED IT: “I chose everything from the materials to the colors to the hardware. I wanted to design a bag that I would feel proud to carry and that women could feel proud to carry and not have to take out a mortgage on their home to buy.
  1. SPRING LAUNCH: “My handbag line should be available in spring. I just finished the designing process, and the samples are just coming to me. ”
  1. THE PRICE: “They’re going to be around $100 and under, but they’re beautiful.”

As for season two of her hit Bravo show, she's keeping mum for now. “I can’t tease anything because all they’ve said is that there is a season two, but that’s the extent of it,” she said. “I can’t say anything else.” Tell us: Would you buy Kyle Richards' handbag line? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

— Reporting by Lindzi Scharf