By Anna Hecht
Updated Feb 20, 2016 @ 9:00 am
Kurt Cobain on MTV Unplugged
Credit: Getty Images

Happy birthday to Kurt Cobain. Today, the former Nirvana lead singer and guitarist would have turned 49. In the years since his tragic death at the age of 27, Cobain's legacy has lived on in some of Nirvana's most famous songs, such as "Smells Like Teen Spirit" from the band's second album Nevermind (1991).

To this day, Cobain is regarded as an impressive musician, whose skill set, his family has said, started at an early age. Growing up in Aberdeen, Washington, the singer began playing guitar at the age of 14. He continued throughout high school and, in 1987, convinced his friend and fellow musician Krist Novoselic to form Nivana. From there, the group grew into an iconic American rock band, selling more than 75 million albums worldwide. In 1994, Cobain's sudden death ended the band's existence.

Two decades after Cobain's death, a documentary, Montage of Heck, was released about his life. Premiering at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, the film features footage from Nirvana performances and never-before-heard songs. And so, in memory of the mysterious musician's life and legacy, we pay tribute to the Nirvana frontman.