By Meredith Lepore
Jul 14, 2016 @ 9:45 am

Kristen Wiig is always a great talk show guest, but unfortunately, she was bumped off at the last minute of The Tonight Show and replaced by JoJo Fletcher, the current Bachelorette. Actually, it was Wiig just pretending to be the reality star! Showing up in a floor-length gold gown and carrying a rose, "JoJo" came out to greet host Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday. When he asked if JoJo was a nickname, she explained that it was "short for JoJosephina."

Then it was time for Fallon to get all the behind-the-scenes secrets on The Fantasy Suite. Except clearly, Wiig has never actually seen the show, so her answers were pretty hilarious and a little bizarre. "That's where I go on dates and we close the doors. Sometimes we kiss a little or we like rub each other," she said while trying to keep a straight face. Then Fallon started asking her about the final four suitors on her show and she, of course, had nicknames for all of them (since she didn't know any of their actual names).

First up was Luke Pell, whom Wiig dubbed "Scotchy." "Oh that's Scotchy," she said. "Does he drink Scotch?" asked Fallon. "He does and he eats butterscotch," she replied. Then there was Jordan Rodgers, whom Wiig decided to call "Mark Hamill" because he apparently resembled the Star Wars actor. Chase McNary was up next and Wiig gave him the nickname of "Deucey." "It started when we were playing cards and he got a lot of deuces," she said. Finally, there was Robby Hayes, or "Korn." "Korn with a K. Like the band," said Wiig. Fallon pointed out that Hayes didn't look like he would ever listen to Korn. "That's what's so great about the show. You don't know what's really there," said Wiig. "That's the slogan. You don't know what's really there: The Bachelorette," said Fallon.

As for her idea of the perfect date, "JoJo" said, "I just like to be in nature and go to like a farm with like chickens and animals everywhere and just walk around with all the animals out loose. I just think it would be a nice romantic thing to see how a person would react and then when you're hungry ..." she said. Fallon then suggested she go see a movie and then dinner for a date. He suggested she see the new film Ghostbusters, which stars Wiig. "She was supposed to be on the show tonight," said Fallon. "I know. I heard. I feel bad," said Wiig.

After he showed a clip from the film, Fallon informed the audience that JoJo actually had a song on the film's soundtrack called "Ghost, Will You Accept This Rose?" This called for a performance of the ballad, which Fallon decided to jump on. Clearly ad-libbing the entire song, the results were hilarious.

Watch Wiig pretend to be The Bachelorette in the clip above.