Kristin Davis
Credit: HBO/Courtesy Everett Collection

Twenty years ago today, womankind tuned into a new TV show they had no idea would fundamentally change the way they shop, date, and talk about sex. Sex and the City's inimitable quartet of 30-something New York City friends who put friendship above all else became every viewer's partners in navigating the ups and downs of theirprofessional, romantic, social, and inner lives. Moreover, they became a cultural shorthand for the roles women take on in their female friend groups, a pop Myers-Briggs of sorts: Are you a Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, or Miranda?

Even two decades later, everyone has a type, and that goes for the SATC cast too. We asked Kristin Davis—who portrayed preppy, doe-eyed romantic Charlotte York Goldenblatt—to take our Sex and the City personality quiz, and it turns out, even offscreen, she's a Charlotte through and through.

Like Charlotte, Davis even considers Elizabeth Taylor her style icon—which may be why she's stolen more than one of Charlotte York's possessions from the SATC set over the years. "I have a bunch of the signature things that Charlotte had in her apartment," she says. "I have a pink lamp that was always in her bedroom from season one." Of the lust-worthy costume wardrobe, she says, "I wish i had tried to keep more of the clothes. But we were always very good about returning samples to the designers."

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Davis also shares Charlotte's soft spot for nostalgia—especially the adorable tradition she shared with cast mates Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, and Cynthia Nixon once filming hours were over. "One thing we did a lot was to drive out to the beach when we finally finished filming Friday night, usually as the sun was rising on Saturday morning," she reminisces. "There was no traffic and we would keep each other awake by being very silly and giddy."

But one area Davis and her onscreen counterpart diverge is the love department. With a wry sense of humor and a self-deprecating approach to dating, she's got some inherently Miranda qualities (plus a very Hobbes-ian way of dealing with tough breakups).

What crazy phenomenons in the world of romance would SATC explore were it still on today? "There would be so much to deal with," she says, including a more modern understanding of gender identity. And of course, "Tinder." Full stop.

Take our quiz, below, to find out more and get your own results.