An artsy moment in a sea of prep.


When Charlotte York opted to swerve from her usual wardrobe of uptown preppy staples, Sex and the City viewers took notice. But until now, fans didn't have a way of questioning the characters' outfits or getting any answers. Thanks to Instagram account Every Outfit on SATC, which works to chronicle every outfit on the hit HBO series, and the cast's love of social media engagement, everyone can get some insight. That's exactly what happened when Kristin Davis commented on a screencap of Charlotte wearing a turtleneck, a definite move from her usual wardrobe. The account proposed that the fashion moment was one chance that the character took to dig into her art gallery roots, but Davis suggested something a little different.

"IS CHARLOTTE A CLOSET MINIMALIST? Because that is the only way that we can wrap our heads around a sleek, Jil Sander-esque look that is totally incongruous with the rest of her wardrobe. Not that we're complaining, it's genuinely refreshing to see Charlotte's art world side jump out. Art world people are obsessed with a monochromatic palette and a stark silhouette, presumably because they've been exposed to so much Richard Serra. Long live Minimalist Charlotte, you are truly the woman of our dreams."

Credit: VALERIE MACON/Getty Images

Minimalist Charlotte may not have been a main character (and neither was fan favorite Atlantic City Charlotte), but her mood definitely stuck with fans. Davis explained that the look made her feel more like she was on a court procedural, not Sex and the City.

"My thoughts are either I was trying to pretend I was on Law + Order, or else [costume designer] Pat Field was sick that episode and just said 'wear whatever you want!'"Davis wrote on the post.

Sarah Jessica Parker has also used the account to explain some of the show's more out-there outfits. When Every Outfit on SATC posted a still featuring Carrie Bradshaw's mismatched Louboutins, she chimed in, writing, "We had 2 pairs of what I believe are @louboutinworld scrappy [sic] sandals. Pat and I chose to do 1 of each. Perhaps because both were so delicious in color and seemed in harmony with the dress but also because we simply loved doing 1 of each. Sending my best. And hope this is a satisfactory answer. Xxx."

Rest easy, SATC fans. Eventually, every burning question will be answered, including why none of the main characters noticed Justin Theroux playing two different characters.