By Jonathan Borge
Updated Oct 26, 2015 @ 3:45 pm
Credit: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic (3)

Taking care of Charlotte York’s adorable pup, Elizabeth Taylor, may have been the closest animal interaction Kristin Davis (above, left) had on the set of Sex and the City, but as we learned this past weekend, the actress is an avid supporter of all things mother nature IRL. Dressed in a structured and well-tailored Stella McCartney jumpsuit, Davis, along with stars like Emmanuelle Chriqui, Constance Zimmer, and Jessica Biel (above, right), was on hand to receive the Wildlife Conservation Award at the Environmental Media Association’s 25th Annual EMA Awards in Los Angeles on Saturday.

“I’m so nervous,” the beauty told InStyle before stepping into the jam-packed Warner Brothers Studio. “I’m honored to be honored, obviously. I’m honored that I get to stand up and talk about the elephants, but public speaking, ah.” Davis was of course referring to her 2009 trip to Kenya where, with the help of the EMA, she rescued an orphan baby elephant, just one of many that are violently killed for the illegal sale of ivory. Moments later, she took the stage to accept the award and nailed her speech. “We need to stand up and fight for what is beautiful in our world,” she told the audience. “We have to fight as hard as those criminals are fighting, and we have to fight out of love, not out of hate, and not out of greed. Because if we don’t, we wont just lose elephants. We will lose our own humanity.”

Davis wasn’t the only megawatt star set to receive an award. All around healthy lifestyle expert Gwyneth Paltrow received the Green Parent Award and thanked her mother, Blythe Danner, who introduced her, for showing her how to be conscious of our waste. “I grew up with this fierce trailblazer who has always been very awake to what is happening to the planet. There was no escaping her passion,” she said of Danner. “She was the first person I ever heard say the word organic. We had a flat of wheat grass in our kitchen, which she pressed to our horror into the first wheatgrass shot anyone I knew had ever seen.”

And while Paltrow went on to explain why we all have to fight for our environment’s protection, it was her moving words that captivated the audience. “When you honor me ostensibly for my fight for, whatever, clean beauty industry, labels for GMOs, and having the platform to introduce these alternative, and sometimes incendiary, ideas into the mainstream, you’re really honoring my mother, who taught me what it means to have a value system,” she said. “With her raw power and gentle femininity she imparted the code of ethics and behavior that has become a part of who I am. She taught me freethinking, creative, unselfconsciousness, social responsibility, and the bravery to be myself. So thank you for honoring us, and let’s get drunk.”

—With reporting by Brianna King