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If you’re a millennial living in New York City, you’ve no doubt heard (or even been) that girl who admits she moved here because of a little show called Sex and the City. Of course, anyone who’s lived in NYC for more than two days can attest to the glamorous yarn six seasons and two SATC films spun for its viewers. The city isn’t all cosmopolitans and Louboutins — in fact, we’d say it’s more Happy Hour Well Drinks and Steve Maddens.

Still, SATC remains a visceral comfort food of sorts for old and young alike.

“Not a day goes by that I don’t get some kind of message either from a friend or on social media of someone saying ‘I’m sick at home and I’m loving watching you guys,’ or ‘This made me laugh now, I didn’t hear it the same the first time,’” Kristin Davis tells InStyle, discussing the series’ longevity. “So in that way I think it’s aged tremendously well.”

“But times have changed,” Kristin continues, and indeed they have.

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“When we started, there were not shows where women spoke openly about sex — it was shocking. People were upset with us. It was like *gasps,* ‘These women are talking about sex, oh no!’ So I think that we’ve come along way,” Davis told us.

“Were we to do it now, we’re in different times, and we could really deal with some different topics and possibly deal with some things with a little more enlightenment,” she continued. “For instance, trans rights. We could handle that so much better, obviously, than we did. We could handle racial issues so much better. We’re living in a different time, there are different kinds of conversations happening around us at all times. And we could really tackle that, which would be amazing. There’s so many things that we could handle differently, but I think the structure and the characters would be the same, and I think [SATC Executive Producer and Director] Michael Patrick [King] would do a tremendous job. I would watch that show!”

Twenty years on from SATC’s debut and Kristin remains close with co-stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon, friendships she insists feel natural as ever. “All of us were there for 20 years. Imagine 20 years of your life. How would we not be in each other’s lives? We were part of something amazing and that will be part of us forever.”

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But as for their group hangs, I’m very sorry to report that unlike their HBO counterparts, these ladies do not brunch. “We never brunched!” Davis confirms, though their high pubic profile may have had something to do with it. “More I’d say we dinnered, in the dark where no one could see us.”

Davis, like three of SATC’s four core alums, is a mother. The 53-year-old recently adopted a baby boy, adding to a family of three that includes her 7-year-old daughter, Gemma.

A former “workout lunatic,” Davis admits that having two kids has lowered gym visits considerably on her priority list. “Yet I’m still an actress, so there’s that, right?” she says with a laugh. “I did a job this summer — and it went great, I felt fine, but I remember thinking ‘Oh, I should’ve gone to the gym … ’ So it was kind of in the back of my mind that I should possibly investigate some options, but I’m really scared of doctors and needles — I’m scared of plastic surgery.” With liposuction off the table, Davis looked into CoolSculpting, an FDA-approved non-surgical procedure that eliminates fat cells by freezing them.

“I’ve tried every different kind of exercise and diet there is, but there were just certain areas that were not going to go away. If [these stubborn areas] are frustrating you and they’re getting in the way of clothes fitting — which was how I was feeling — then it can be a really great option,” Davis, who recently partnered with the brand, says of the procedure.

Perhaps CoolSculpting would be a topic du jour on a modern-day SATC?

Most of us would tune in to see, with one notable exception: Davis’s daughter. Not only is she years too young for the series’ racy material, but Kristin is happy to report that her 7-year-old really isn’t too curious about her career.

“One time we were here in New York and we walked by some cops and they were like ‘Hey, we want to get a picture,’” Kristin tells us. She agreed, as she and the SATC gals “always take pictures with cops in New York,” but, naturally, Gemma had some questions. “She’s like ‘Mommy, why did they want a picture with you??’ and I was like, ‘Oh, I just know them from the past …’ I don’t want her to be affected by it,” she says of her well-known career. “I haven’t pushed it on her, certainly. I haven’t even pushed the things that are more her speed, like Shaggy Dog — she hasn’t seen Shaggy Dog. I just want me to be mommy.”