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Claire Stern
Feb 03, 2016 @ 7:30 pm

Any woman who's approaching 30 will attest that the milestone birthday sets off a firestorm of anxiety. The imminent transition to true adulthood is like an unavoidable wake-up call, prompting you to either wax nostalgic about the halcyon days your early twenties, or mourn the fact that you never *quite* accomplished what you intended to by the big 3-0. For those of you currently experiencing an existential crisis of sorts, Kristin Cavallari—now 29!—is here to put your childhood dreams and current ambitions in check. We recently caught up with the former HBIC of Laguna Beach and The Hills at The Boys & Girls Club in N.Y.C., where she teamed up with Wonderful Halos to donate $100,000 toward health education, and asked her what's on her bucket list. Read on for some #girlboss inspiration, and take notes. 

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1. Get a TV show on the air.
In case you didn't know, Cavallari co-owns a production company with her friend—and one of her chief goals for 2016 is to finally see one of their projects land on the small screen. "We've created so many shows that haven't gone anywhere, and it breaks my heart," she told InStyle. "We're working on a couple right now, so our fingers are crossed!"

2. Score a cookbook deal.
Provided her upcoming book, Balancing in Heels ($17;, is well-received, the budding writer and self-professed foodie says she'd love to create a collection of her recipes, too. We just hope it includes pizza.

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3. Launch a line of home goods.
Cavallari's jewelry line, Emerald Duv, has already expanded its range to include hats and candles, which is apparently a harbinger of things to come. Paging L.C. ...

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