By Meghan Overdeep
Updated Jul 25, 2017 @ 9:15 am

From the funny woman who brought us Target Lady, Gilly, and Dooneese during her six-year run on Saturday Night Live, the queen of impressions, Kristen Wiig, is back doing what she does best, and this time it's for Pizza Hut.

Wiig stars in Pizza Hut's latest ad campaign as the "Everyman," which rangers from farmer and gym rat to a corporate executive and high school cheerleader. Despite their vast differences, each hilarious character agrees on one thing: they want their pizza fast, and they want their pizza oven-hot.

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Pizza Hut chief brand and concept officer, Jeff Fox, told Adweek that Wiig was a great fit for the role because of her versatility and ability to play so many different characters. Well, duh.

"With [Wiig's] brand of humor, her comedic chops, it was a perfect combination of what we wanted to talk about as Pizza Hut and have Kristen bring that to life," Fox explained.

Watch Wiig's brilliant turn as the "Everyman" above.