By Meredith Lepore
Jul 12, 2016 @ 7:45 am

Twister is already a ton of fun on its own, but it's even more enjoyable when you add Kristen Stewart and jello shots to the mix!

During Monday's Tonight Show, the Café Society star joined host Jimmy Fallon for a game of Jello Shot Twister. "When you put your hand or foot down you have to take that shot [that's placed on the color]," explained Fallon, who said he got the idea for the game after seeing a photo of Johnny Carson playing Twister with Eva Gabor on the Tonight Show 50 years ago.

Although the actress was game, it seemed she hadn't worn the right outfit, so she tied her shirt around her waist over her denim shorts—and Fallon did the same with his suit jacket. The first move? "Left hand yellow." They both took the shot and then placed their hands. Next up: "left hand green," which moved Stewart to point out that "these are gargantuan shots" as she downed another. After "right hand green" for the third move she admitted she was already quite full.

"Right foot red" then got the pair quite twisted, but things got even worse when they had to go "left foot green." Aas a result, Tonight Show announcer Steve Higgins had to feed the players their shot and Fallon shouted, "I'm cramping!"

Ultimately, the "right hand red" command was Fallon's downfall and Stewart was crowned champion. "Oh, you're good at this!" Fallon said. Something else to add to her list of talents.

Watch Stewart play Jello Shot Twister in the video above.