There's a lot going on in this short crop.

By Christopher Luu
Updated Sep 08, 2019 @ 9:00 am

Fans won't be surprised to hear that Kristen Stewart went short with her hair, but they might be surprised to see just how good short sides, bleached tips, and a devil-may-care attitude towards meticulous styling can look when they're all put together. While she was in Canada promoting her new movie, Seberg, at the Toronto International Film Festival, Stewart debuted a new look, which her hairstylist, Adir Abergel, posted to Instagram.

The new look includes a messy top and shorter sides, though the look doesn't feature a buzzed undercut. The platinum blonde tips, which come and go depending on Stewart's always-changing looks, are longer and messier on top. She's not afraid to play with all the new texture, either. Abergel's Instagram Stories show Stewart wearing her new style messy and carefree instead of slicking it back like she's done in the past. All those details may sound like overkill, but it's clear that they come together just right for Stewart. Abergel featured a few snapshots of the style in action and no matter the situation, the relaxed, fun style seems to work just fine.

Fans were feeling the cut just as much as Stewart, commenting on Abergel's post with clapping emoji and a slew of hearts.

"Kristen being finally comfortable in the spotlight is what I live for. thanks for helping her show her true badass self," one wrote.

"She always has great hair!!!! Love it," added another.

Kristen Stewart's New Haircut Shouldn't Work, But It Totally Does
Credit: Instagram/hairbyadir
Kristen Stewart's New Haircut Shouldn't Work, But It Totally Does
Credit: Instagram/hairbyadir

Just last year, Stewart showed up at the same film fest with a new hairdo, so this could be a new M.O. for the superstar. While she was in town to talk up Jeremiah Terminator LeRoy, her angled, platinum blonde pixie may have stolen the show more than once. Looks like fresh coifs and chops are starting to be something to keep an eye out for every time Stewart heads up to Toronto.