Kristen Stewart Is Making This '90s Boy Band Hairstyle Cool Again

Kristen Stewart - Frosted Tips
Photo: BG002/Bauer-Griffin/Getty

If Kristen Stewart has any say, frosted tips are going to make a comeback. The '90s hair staple that was seen on our favorite boy band members, including, but not limited to Justin Timberlake and Nick Carter, has a mixed past to say the least, but we have to say the actress is really breathing new life into the look.

After buzzing her hair and dying it platinum blonde back in March, Stewart has kept her strands closely cropped, but has forgone the hassle of getting it bleached, which is totally understandable—keeping platinum hair looking fresh is a commitment. Without the constant touch-ups, her dark brown roots have started to grow in, leaving the tips with the last vestiges of blonde. The result is the 2017 version of '90s look.

VIDEO: Kristen Stewart's Changing Looks

Stewart debuted her new style while out and about in Los Angeles, and we're really digging it. For the outing, she styled her hair by gelling the tips, but thankfully they don't look visibly stiff or sticky. To complement her hair, she kept the rocker vibe going, wearing a cropped band t-shirt and gray jeans.

Who knew this was the '90s trend revival we were waiting for?

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