Good morning, Angels. 


So far, it looks like everything we’ve ever wanted from the Charlie’s Angels franchise is coming to fruition in the 2019 reboot: we’ve got sexy, strong, and diverse women leading onscreen and behind the scenes, a soon-to-be-hit theme song from Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, and Lana Del Rey, action sequences that will make you cheer from your seat, badass costumes, and thanks to Kristen Stewart, queer energy for days.

Charlie's Angels lead

Stewart, a celebrity icon in the LGBTQ community and a long-vocal advocate, leads the film as a no-nonsense “Angel” named Sabina who has a cool bleach-blonde cropped ‘do and whose interests include blowing things up.

When the film’s first trailer dropped on Thursday morning, fans flocked to Twitter to share their reactions — many of which praised Stewart for the “gay energy” she’s bringing to the blockbuster.

Aladdin’s Naomi Scott, newcomer Ella Balinska, Noah Centineo, and director/writer/producer Elizabeth Banks also star in the film, which hits theaters Nov. 15.

Until then, Angels.