Kristen Stewart Wore a Bra as a Top


It's not new for Kristen Stewart to take a risk on the red carpet, but it is new for the star to leave the house in lingerie. During an appearance at the 2019 Mill Valley Film Festival, Stewart skipped the usual gowns and naked dresses and opted to wear a suit. That's nothing new, but instead of going with a button-up or completely without a top (as celebs are known to do) she let her bra show, adding a sexy touch to what could have been a very serious outfit.

Stewart opted for the Agent Provocateur Hinda Bra, which features French Leavers Chantilly lace and retails for a cool $215 if you want in on the look. She added a smattering of shimmering necklaces (a look she's been into lately) and kept her hair pushed back. Her stylist, Tara Swennen, posted the outfit to her Instagram and tagged Sandro, Christian Louboutin, and makeup mastermind Jillian Dempsey in the snapshot.

42nd Mill Valley Film Festival Kristen Stewart
Kimberly White/Getty Images

Stewart was on hand to promote her new work, Seberg and Charlie’s Angels. When she wasn't creating a stir with her choice of top (or lack thereof), she told reporters that the new Charlie's Angels — she stars alongside Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska — offers up something different from the original '70s TV series and the '00s big-screen flicks.

"We've seen Charlie's Angels before. The reason that we're seeing it again is because [Elizabeth Banks] saw something in it that needed to be fresh and needed to be revitalized," Stewart told E!. "It’s been a really long time since we've seen a few women really proactively at work and really at the forefront of the things, are really at the front of the action that’s being moved forward. Nothing happens to us in this movie. Everything that happens is like we’re moving at it."

Stewart isn't alone in embracing the bra-as-top look. Earlier this year, in a much more low-key take on the outfit, Katie Holmes managed to get her cashmere bra to sell out after she was photographed wearing it with a cardigan falling off her shoulder just so. And if you're looking for red carpet bra tops? Angela Bassett gave a master class in underwear as actual wear when she arrived at a Chanel dinner with her lingerie on full display.

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