Kristen Bell's Secret Beauty Weapon for Surviving a Heat Wave

Kristen Bell Summer
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It's hard to think about anything, let alone fashion or style, when you're dripping with sweat in 90- or 100-degree heat. With the dog days of summer still ahead of us, we've taken precautionary measures and turned to the stars who not only know how to play it cool during stressful situations (read: red carpet events and interviews), but also when temps are alarmingly high. Kristen Bell, who is based in Los Angeles, knows all too well how unbearably hot it can get, and she keeps perspiration at bay with—wait for it—an all-natural deodorant.

"Wait, an all-natural deodorant that works?" we ask dubiously.

"Yes," Bell insists. "I dare you to try it. I had been using men's deodorant, but I wanted to eliminate aluminum. I've tried everything and decided to try it from this company on Etsy called Fat and the Moon, and I swear on my life, it works. I gave it to Dax [Shepard] and four of my friends, and everyone is obsessed. I ordered like a dozen of them because I have to give them out."

The Fat and the Moon deodorant cream is handmade with all organic ingredients, including beeswax, coconut oil, baking soda, and essential oils. And yes, it's aluminum free. We're still a touch uncertain, but hey, if it has Bell's endorsement, then that's good enough for us.

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