Though it's a very beautiful, amazing, and necessary part of life, breastfeeding continues to be a hot-button topic in Hollywood. While filming her latest role in CHiPS with husband Dax Shepard, Kristen Bell actually found that lactation was a major asset in her role.

"When he got the job I said, "Can I be in it?'" the star said of her conversation with Shepard (who wrote and directed the film) on Late Night with Seth Meyers Wednesday. "He said, 'Of course you can! You can be my wife.' And then a month later he sat me down and said, 'Honey, I'm having a little bit of hesitation about actually casting you because you're too likable.'"

Bell took that as a compliment but vowed to show Shepard just how unlikable she could be. "He did end up making me read the scene with him," she revealed. But the physical part of her role is when the topic of the breastfeeding came into play.

Shepard had talked with Meyers about the stunts and crashes his CHiPS role entailed on a previous episode, but Bell also made a sacrifice of sorts for her character as well. "I was breastfeeding at the time and I wanted my character to have an aggressive boob job," she said. "I didn't pump for the day and I said to the kids 'Daddy's making a movie. The food truck is closed.'"

Hilarious! Watch her share the story here:

Catch CHiPS when it hits theaters Friday, March 24.