All About Kristen Bell, the First-Ever SAG Awards Host

For the first time ever, the SAG Awards have a host. Kristen Bell will stand at the helm of the 2018 Screen Actors Guild Awards, and we couldn't be more excited about their choice.

The funny lady may be known to your kids as Princess Anna from Frozen, but she's much more than a Disney heroine. Bell rose to prominence as Veronica Mars, a young detective who dedicates her life to solving crime after her best friend is murdered. The series premiered back in 2004, and later moved to movies, leading films like When in Rome and Bad Moms. And we can’t forget about the fact that she played the voice of Gossip Girl in all six seasons of the iconic series.

Kristen Bell SAG Awards
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Bell also has some hosting experience. The actress hosted the 30th Independent Spirit Awards with Fred Armisen in 2015. She’s also filled in as a guest host on Jimmy Kimmel Live! back in May 2017 and co-hosted The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Bell is married to Dax Shepard, with whom she has two kids: 4-year-old Lincoln and 3-year-old Delta. But the actress didn’t tie the knot until gay marriage was legal. Bella and Shepard wed on Oct. 17, 2013, just months after the Supreme Court allowed same-sex marriage in California. “What are we gonna do? Have a party and be like, ‘Look at us celebrating this thing you can’t do?’ That’s f—ing putrid,” she told PrideSource. “Like, 90 percent of our friends are gay!”

The actress also has a history as a political activist and is unafraid to speak her mind. “So I’m not a citizen anymore because I’m an actor? F— that,” she said during the BC Conference in 2017. “I’m not any less allowed to share what I believe, and I’m very lucky for that and to have the audience. When people are listening you don’t quiet down, you speak up.”

Since Donald Trump was elected president, Bell has been particularly vocal about protecting the environment, supporting sexual harassment victims, and promoting gender equality. We can expect that Bell will continue to voice her opinions while hosting the SAG Awards.

The host has explained how the Time’s Up movement will be continued at Sunday’s show. "The Time's Up movement is making clear, I think, that we are moving forward," Bell told E! News. "This is not something that everybody's going to talk about with a sad face forever.”

“I think that's why I'm proud to not just be a part of it but to be hosting the awards at this particular moment, because I am a person that permanently believes in hope!" Bell said. "Even in the darkest moments I've ever had—and I've had some dark ones—there's something in my bones that believes in hope.”

Catch the 2018 SAG Awards on Sunday, Jan. 21, at 8 p.m. ET on TNT and TBS.

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