Kristen Bell Says Motherhood Always Comes First

Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty

It's no secret that being a working mother is a balancing act, but actress Kristen Bell is willing to sacrifice to make sure she always has family time. In a recent interview with E! News, the 36-year-old The Good Place star revealed how she's adjusted her career path to put her family first.

According to the source, Bell is more than willing to turn down potential roles that will take her away from her family for too long.

"My first priority is to stay territorial of my family time," Bell explained. "So when I have the luxury of looking at a job and seeing if it shoots out of town, I'm probably not going to do it."

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She went on to detail the questions she asks herself when considering jobs: "Are the hours awful? Will I miss six months of my kids' life? I'm probably not going to do it."

Bell also said she makes an effort to put her phone away whenever she's spending time with her two children, Lincoln and Delta: "For me, spending their baby years alongside them and not on FaceTime is very important, and when I'm at home I put my phone by the door and I'm just with them."

Knowing how dedicated she is to being a mother just makes us love Bell that much more!

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