Like A Mother
Credit: kristenanniebell/Instagram; allianceofmoms/Instagram; Christina Applegate/Twitter

Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn may play delinquent parents on the big screen, but IRL, they're far from it. The stars of the upcoming comedy Bad Moms, about a trio of burnt out women who decide to wage war against PTA child-rearers, have teamed up with The Alliance of Moms, a non-profit organization that creates educational programs to help young foster teens become more informed parents. (Christina Applegate, who plays one of the aforementioned Type A moms in the film, is also showing her support.)

And, just in time for Mother's Day, the actresses are spreading the word in a fashionable way—by wearing white T-shirts emblazoned with the phrase "Like a Mother" ($30; and posting them to social media with a corresponding hashtag. "Being a mom is an incredible gift, but it can also be incredibly challenging," says Alliance of Moms co-founder and co-president Jules Leyser. "With these Ts, you can show your encouragement to young moms who may not have the foundation of a family to count on." Go ahead and start 'gramming, ladies.

Watch the Bad Moms trailer below, and catch the movie when it hits theaters on July 29.