Kristen Bell and James Corden's Aerial Duet Will Give You Goosebumps

Photo: Terence Patrick/CBS

Kristen Bell as the next star of Carpool Karaoke? We could definitely see it.

Back in 2013, the actress wowed us as the sweet and melodic voice of Anna in the Disney smash hit Frozen, and now the Veronica Mars alum is simultaneously reminding us of her vocal talents and comedic chops in the latest episode of the Late Late Show.

On Tuesday, the star made an appearance on the show to join host James Corden in performing a particularly "uplifting" version of Joe Crocker and Jennifer Warnes's "Up Where We Belong," and the aerial presentation left us in tears—but maybe not for the reason the British funnyman and his partner anticipated.

Technical difficulties provided comic relief as the harnessed pair were lifted up into the air as they sang "Love lift us up where we belong," and the late night emcee noticed that his partner had been lifted higher than he had been. While Corden began beckoning off-stage for the crew to raise him higher to her level, Bell was accidentally sent back down to the ground in an epic fail which was only the start of their problems.

While we struggled to concentrate on the moving lyrics of the song, James and Kristen went back and forth in the hilarious segment as they struggled to come together on the same level while singing their duet.

Corden didn't mince words at the end of the brouhaha: "That was an absolute disaster!"

Looks like these two definitely need a do-over, Carpool Karaoke-style! Watch the pair's hilarious antics in the clip above.

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