Shepard said that acting is "much nicer" than some "real jobs."


Plenty of parents — even parents who are in the industry themselves — struggle with the idea of their kids becoming actors, but Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are 100% behind their children.

When asked in an interview with E! whether they'd be happy with their daughters following in their footsteps, Shepard said, "Sure, when they're adults. I think acting is a great job if you can find employment."

He added that while he knows plenty of actors would be wary of their children getting into Hollywood, "I assume those actors haven't had real jobs because they're lousy for the most part. I roofed and washed cars and de-tasseled corn. Acting is much nicer."

Fair enough.

Bell also weighed in, telling E!, "I agree. I had the initial instinct to keep them away from it but that's simply because I think about the rejection and what the spotlight can do to your personality but then Dax politely explained to me, ‘Well do you enjoy being creative?' I said yes."

She also joked, "He said, ‘Do you enjoy being overpaid?' And I said yes. And he said, ‘Why on Earth would you not want that for our children?'"

Bell and Shepard have two daughters, six-year-old Lincoln and five-year-old Delta.

"[My daughters] don’t think I’m cool, and I can tell because every time I try to pick out an outfit for them, they just look at me with disgust," Bell told InStyle of her children last month. "They don’t ever want to know the secrets of Frozen, which horrifies me. It’s in your DNA to reject your parents, though, so it’s OK.”​​​​