As fans struggle to grasp Chris Pratt and Anna Faris's tragic decision to part ways, Kristen Bell found the silver lining in the situation, and suggests you do, too.

"I think there's a little bit of lack of acknowledgment about really loving something that was," the Frozen star said during an interview with E! News. "If there are two people that decide not to be together, it shouldn't really be a heartbreak for everyone."

The funny woman, who is married to her equally hilarious husband, Dax Shepard, believes we should focus on the good times that formed the former couple's eight-year marriage. "You should say, 'Oh, they tried. But that doesn't discount the lovely years they had together,'" she said. "If I ever get divorced, I'm still going to be like, 'Wow, I loved being married to that man.'"

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Bell was quick to blast rumors that Pratt's rise in Hollywood played a part in the pair's split. Instead, she admitted that marriage is really hard—especially when you shoot movies in faraway places without your significant other. "It's a little more nuanced I think than people want to acknowledge. I think it's the truth," she said, revealing that she and husband go to couple's therapy and are careful to differentiate between a disagreement and an argument.

But at the end of the day, the actress says she chooses to remain positive after a breakup. "I'm glad I spent my time with that person," she mused. "We may have to make different choices, [and] those choices might make us sad for a while, but ultimately you have to make hard choices in life. I don't fault anyone for making them."

Wise words, Kristen!