Are you really surprised?


Kim Kardashian, KarJenner family friends Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, and Kris Jenner got together for a dinner party (yes, believe it) and there was an unexpected and slightly creepy guest. In her Instagram Story, Jenner was giving an impromptu tour of her house and revealed that she has a life-size wax figure of herself sitting in a chair.

People reports that the creepily lifelike statue came courtesy of the Hollywood Wax Museum and visitors to Madame Tussaud's in New York City may recognize it. There's one just like it, chair and all, sitting in the Big Apple.

Kris Jenner 2019 E! People's Choice Awards - Arrivals
Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Jenner's stories also showed Kardashian and Teigen reacting to the statue. Understandably, they were impressed, though Kardashian does seem like she'd never seen it before.

Kris Jenner Wax Figure
Credit: Instagram/KimKardashian

"You guys have no idea how real this looks. It's insane," she said, pointing at the details of the faux-Jenner's face. "It's exact — down to the little mark she has. This is her exact hairline. I can't even tell you how creepy and amazing this is."

"Okay, Chrissy is obsessed with me," Jenner said in a clip of Teigen staring into the statue's eyes. "She's staring at it like it's me, but it's not even me."

The statue didn't make an appearance when Jenner gave Architectural Digest a tour of her not-so-humble abode. Sure, she showed off her wall of Hermès Birkin bags, but she didn't give viewers what they really wanted to see: two Kris Jenners.