Yes, you read that correctly. 

As if this season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians wasn’t wild enough already (we’ll take Kim’s “humanitarian ho” comment about Kourtney and raise you a Scott Disick/Corey Gamble verbal showdown), it appears that next episode will explore Kris Jenner’s dramatic hospital trip.

In a preview for Sunday’s episode, we caught a glimpse of the KarJenner matriarch resting on a stretcher as a hysterical Kim rushed to her side. But any initial “WTF” musings were soon replaced with a much louder and more urgent “W!T!F!” when we saw the latest teaser for the episode.

The new clip reveals how Jenner wound up in her current (as of taping) predicament. As explained by Khloé, Kim’s whole security team tackled (TACKLED!) Kris. “Kim, please, you’ve got to come. We’ve just called 911. This is so crazy,” Khloé told her older sister over the phone. In the background of the call you can hear Kris crying, “My neck!”

Kim, as stymied by the phone call as we were, asked what happened. “We were in the backyard and mom came down when she shouldn’t have. I told her to go around [to the front entrance] and they just tackled her,” Khloé explained. Kim then pulls up the surveillance footage on her phone, to which she responds, “Oh my God.”

Thankfully, Mrs. Manager seems to have recovered. She was out and about as recently as Saturday.

At least we know Kim’s security team is thorough?