No Kardashian is dedicated to a single #lewk as much as Kris Jenner. The momager's relationship with her signature pixie haircut spans decades and has become so iconic, that it even has its own name: the "boss pixie." In fact, her pixie is so inspiring, her own children have even tried to copy it.

Keeping up with the rest of the Kardashians' haircut and color changes are practically a full-time job, but Jenner keeps her hair relatively the same. However, when the she does try a new look, it's always epic.

Last year, Jenner broke the internet when she wore a blonde wig and was mistaken for Kim when she tried curtain bangs and top knot. Now, she's proving yet again that she's not a "regular mom" with her bob hairstyle.

The star's makeup artist Ash K Holm debuted Jenner's hairstyle in an Instagram Story she posted from behind-the-scenes at a shoot. In the photo, Jenner's hair is bob length with choppy bangs and styled in very loose, messy, waves. She tagged Jenner's longtime hairstylist, Jorge Serrano in the Story, so odds are he's the one behind Jenner's dramatically different look.

Kris Jenner Bob
Credit: ash_kholm/Instagram

Wavy or straight, blunt or choppy, the bob, in its many variations has been the most popular haircut of the past year. Jenner Take Jenner trying the cut as a sign that the trend isn't going anywhere. The woman is responsible for the Kardashians making daily headlines and turning all of their business ventures turn to gold after all.

All we have to say is: you're doing amazing with this new hairstyle sweetie.