Kris Jenner Birkin Bags - LEAD
Credit: Star Max/GC Images

Kris Jenner has made it no secret she has a thing for Hermès Birkin Bag bags—just like her daughter Kim Kardashian West—but her new custom closet designed to hold them all just took things to a whole other level.

In a series of jaw-dropping snaps that Kylie Jenner shared on Snapchat Wednesday, the Lip Kit guru gives a mini-tour of the closet that is the stuff dreams are made of. Inside the white room, a neon glowing sign reads "Need Money for Birkin" with shelves stacked with colorful Birkins in a variety of sizes. "GOALS," Kylie captioned the snap. Indeed.

You guys at my mom's brand new closet," Kylie says in the clip, before adding a few more smaller Birkin bags—in neutral, crocodile print and white to a bottom shelf. Kris can be heard in the background saying to an interior designer with delight, "Look what you did to my closet!"

Given that Birkin bags can cost anywhere from $11,000 to upwards of $400,000 (not to mention the epic waiting list for the bags), it's safe to say Kris has one very enviable closet ... and that's just the beginning of what she's going to put in there.

Simply jaw dropping.