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It’s well-known Kourtney Kardashian is the most health-focused of the Kardashian-Jenner bunch. From stocking her pantry with wholesome, organic ingredients (she even has an aversion to the microwave) to maintaining her physique with killer workouts, the eldest sister treats her body like a temple and we’ve got nothing but respect for her dedication.

I mean, the proof is in the pudding:

So when the mom-of-three recently divulged her favorite one-ingredient detox, our ears immediately perked up. What’s the secret to revving up her metabolism? Grapefruit.

“If you are trying to kick-start your metabolism, try adding this fat-burning fruit to your diet,” she shared on her site. “Be sure to eat the actual grapefruit—not just drink the juice—so you get the fiber from the fruit and avoid the refined sugar that is often added to fruit juice. Also, go for ruby red and pink grapefruits, as these colors have higher antioxidant levels.”

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“I eat half a grapefruit in the morning whenever I have them at my house. I add a sprinkle of sea salt—instead of sugar—to make it taste less tart. My grandmother had a grapefruit tree at her house and she ate one every morning. I have one in my backyard too!”

Did you hear that, folks? Juice won’t cut it. You might as well invest in one of these nifty grapefruit spoons to make your job easier while you fully commit to the cause.

The reigning health queen of Calabasas has spoken.