And she'll clap back at anyone who tries.


Like Mercury retrograde, things going on sale days after you pay full price, and pumpkin spice lattes, some things happen so often that you'd imagine people would stop talking about them. But like those things, Instagram followers came for Kourtney Kardashian over her son's long, luscious hair. Again. It's only a matter of time until the internet forgets that Kardashian doesn't really care what anyone's feelings about Reign's hair, so it was about that time: she had to remind them.

In her gallery of Easter photos, Kardashian showed off plenty of family festivities, but some followers zeroed in on Reign's flowing locks. Something compelled a commenter to write, "Bruh...cut your son's hair...smh," and in true Kourtney Kardashian style, she clapped right back, because what she and her son do with his hair is nobody's business.

Kardashian pulled out one of her most memorable Keeping Up With the Kardashians lines for the occasion, writing, "Most gorgeous hair on earth anyone who says otherwise ABCDEFG."

For anyone unfamiliar with Kardashian's alphabetic comeback, it comes from an exchange that happened with Scott Disick on KUWTK, when she simply said "ABCDEFG I have to go" after he asked her whether or not they'd agreed on something. The now-immortal line went on to become a TikTok standby and was even adopted by Ashley Benson and Cara Delevingne.

And for the record, Kardashian addressed the same haircutting issue back in October, when a commenter wrote, "She really need to cut his hair," on another of Kardashian's posts. In response to that comment, she simply wrote, "She really need to not worry about kids that aren’t her own. He is a happy boy."