By Bee Shapiro
Updated Oct 25, 2015 @ 10:00 am
North as a unicorn for Halloween
Credit: instagram / kourtneykardash

Let the celebrity Halloween costume escapades begin! The dressing up kicked off early this year for the fun holiday with Kourtney Kardashian already in full action mode.

The mom of three snapped her squad of adorable superheroes (led by her own version of Wonder Woman) and it was quite the impressive quad. And the Marvel character costume thing is right up Kardashian's alley. In 2012, the reality star dressed as Batman (to ex Scott Disick's Robin) for a bash in Miami.

Meanwhile in 2015, Leave it to budding fashion rebel North West to take an outlier course . The tot went the magical route instead as a sweet unicorn.

This being an early Halloween bash, we wouldn't be surprised if Kardashian has more costumes up her lamé sleeve. One more week to go!