By Christopher Luu
Updated Aug 08, 2018 @ 6:00 pm

Though the news of Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima is only making the rounds right now, sources are saying that the pair has been broken up for almost a month now, adding plenty of intrigue to their current relationship status. TMZ reports that the couple separated back in July, right after their trip to Italy. To add another layer to the whole thing, Kardashian's ex, Scott Disick, and the woman involved in Bendjima's alleged cheating scandal have all tossed their own opinions into the fray.

Kourtney Kardashian New York City
Credit: Gotham/Getty Images

According to reports, after Kardashian and Bendjima's trip, he set off on another getaway, which is where he supposedly cheated on her. That's what prompted the breakup, but that doesn't explain why the news hasn't surfaced until recently. Jordan Ozuna, the woman who appeared in photos with Bendjima on that trip, told E! that they're not a couple, however.

"It was nothing more than friends having fun at the beach," she said. "No, we aren't romantically involved in any way, shape or form."

Ozuna adds that the Mexico trip was for a mutual friend's birthday and that the two of them were celebrating with a group of 13 people. When photos of Ozuna and Bendjima poolside made the rounds, Kardashian brushed it off, saying that it was merely a ploy for her ex to stay in the headlines.

"They really want me to be the bad guy. F--k your Hollywood bullsh-t (cant have fun with your friends no more). dailymail Where are my 12 other friendssss? Nice catch tho [sic throughout]," Bendjima said in an Instagram story. Though neither he nor Kardashian have made any official statement on the state of their relationship, things seem to be pretty clear: the two aren't together.

The timeline adds a bit of a retaliatory tone to one of Bendjima's Instagram comments. Back in July, Kourtney posted a selfie, which saw Bendjima clapping back with a snide reply: "Thats [sic] what you need to show to get likes?" It was strange then, but knowing that the two were already on the outs gives followers a little more clarity to the sentiment behind the remark.

Scott Disick is also making his opinions known. E! reports that Kardashian's ex said that he's happy that Kourtney and Bendjima are done.

"Scott is very happy Kourtney cut it off with Younes. Although he is happy in his relationship with Sofia, he never liked Younes for Kourtney," a source told E!. "Scott and Kourtney are in a cordial place right now. Scott is always resistant to rock the boat with Kourtney. He truly will always care about her as wants her to be happy. Everything is always better for the kids' sake when they are in a good place."

Disick and Ozuna make it a total of two people who have commented—directly or not—but none of Kardashian's sisters or her mom, Kris, have issued anything on the subject. There's no telling how the close-knit family feels, but it's probably safe to assume that Kris is working overtime to triage the situation.