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When it comes to the opportunity to spend the afternoon at a spa, well, you don’t have to twist our arm. But it’s not very often we’ll venture away from the traditional massage or facial. Why? Because they’re always the best! Or so we thought, until we paid a visit to Kohler Waters Spa in Kohler, WI, where we were introduced to the ultimate in spa treatments: Hydrotherapy.

As one of only 48 five-star spas worldwide, it comes as no surprise that the spa was the perfect respite for total relaxation. Nor does it come as a surprise that the property is ahead of the curve on the latest therapeutic water treatments. We tried the magnificent wrap, a full-body exfoliation followed by a remineralizing magnesium bathing experience and mud body wrap, finished with a hydrating moisturizing experience. But what really caught our attention while we were there was the emphasis on the element of water throughout the spa. From the incorporation of it in our actual treatment (one of the most soothing, life-changing baths we’ve ever experienced, hands down), to the abundance of calming waterfalls throughout the spa, it left us musing on the healing concepts of water. So we turned to Garrett Mersberger, spa director of Kohler Waters Spa, on why water-centric spa treatments are the new wave in the concept of relaxation.

Talk about the whole convent of harnessing the power of natural elements.

Water is a very integral part of our being and we are able to use it to nourish our five senses which brings us back to our center and core of who we are as individuals.

What are some of the benefits of water therapy spa treatments?

Benefits of water therapy spa treatments include stress reduction, detoxification, addressing pain points, and re-mineralization of the body. It is not only the use of water, it is the pressure of it and what we put in it that is beneficial to our bodies.

What do you think is so soothing and calming about water as an attribute in spa treatments?

Water is soothing and calming because the sight and sound is both powerful and peaceful. It makes your mind quickly release your current everyday thoughts, and brings you to a place of calm. We combine the use of water and the touch of a spa technician with the use of our custom Kohler Vichy showers. The spray heads are electronically controlled so we never have to remove our hands from the guest, which makes for a very calming and memorable experience.

What are some of the coolest water elements at Kohler?

One of the coolest water elements is the 8-foot waterfall (pictured below). When you sit under it and let the powerful water hit the stress areas of the neck and shoulders, you can feel your muscles relax and tension releasing from your body. One of the latest glass features that was recently installed in the lobby gives guests a soothing and relaxing feeling as they enter the spa.

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