By Andrea Cheng
Updated Nov 23, 2014 @ 5:40 pm
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Since its launch just last year, lifestyle destination and e-commerce site Zady has spearheaded the slow fashion moment with a curation of goods from brands with sustainable practices. And now, its founders Maxine Bedat and Soraya Darabi are leading the charge of another conscious crusade with the "Sourced In" Movement. The mission: To demand of brands complete transparency at each step of the apparel-making process, hold them accountable for environmental and ethical factors, and effectively revolutionize the industry as a whole.

And to prove that they practice what they preach, Bedat and Darabi have debuted Zady's first piece of merchandise, the ".01 The Sweater," as part of their newly launched private clothing label The Zady Essential Collection. The knit piece is documented with video footage and behind-the-scenes photos of the supply chain, from start to finish.

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"With the new 'Sourced In' movement, Zady is providing details and visual proof for how we created our first product, from the farm to factory," Bedat says. "We are proud to say that our knit was sourced and made 100% in the U.S, which has remained a leader in regulating production, helping to minimize the negative impact of the textile industry."

The highly anticipated knit comes in three neutral shades (charcoal, light gray, and cream) and rings in at $160, available at More importantly, it's 100-percent made in the U.S.A. Originated from a farm in Oregon, the wool was then washed and carded in South Carolina, before it was dyed and spun in Pennsylvania, and finally, knit in California. It's a piece that happily encapsulates both style and sensibility—and just in time for sweater weather, too!

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"By exposing our supply chain," Darabi says, "we hope other brands will follow our lead in producing beautiful luxury items in an ethical way, at a reasonable price point that allows for consumers to invest in and build their wardrobe with products they feel proud to own for an entire lifetime." We couldn't agree more.