By Sarah Walter
Mar 03, 2015 @ 1:02 pm

Given warnings of the harmful chemicals found in modern makeup, beauty consumers are pickier than ever about what they put on their face. While many beauty brands claim to be organic, very few pass the strict standards required to earn organic certification, so finding products that are as effective and yet retain the longevity of chemical laden formulas is a challenge.

Enter Kjaer Weis, a luxe natural and organic certified line, encased in stunning metal packaging and formulated by makeup artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis---with high-quality ingredients you can actually pronounce to boot. Weis went to the source of the problem, dedicating eight years to formulating long-lasting lip tints, creamy cheek colors (Reese Witherspoon's a fan), clump-free mascara, and vegan brushes among other offerings. Manufactured in Italy, all products within the line are inspected by hand and have undergone strict testing to be approved as organic or natural, and come in refillable packaging (at a discounted price)! Here, Weis ponders the future of organic makeup, and lets us in on the story behind that super chic packaging.

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What was crucial to you when formulating the line?It was crucial to me that there was an equal emphasis on ingredients, performance and packaging. No compromise! There had always been a certain stigma around natural make-up, that doing something good for yourself would come with a compromise on performance and design. I wanted to erase that perception, showing you can have it all.

Who is the Kjaer Weis woman?The Kjaer Weis woman is many things. I really invite everybody to try our makeup. I think from the very beginning the woman I had in my head was somebody who is content in her own skin, who makes choices in life without being afraid of asking questions. She wants to feel good and by that, looks good. Beauty is confidence, and it transcends. My wish is that Kjaer Weis makeup makes women feel healthy and beautiful.

What’s the story behind the sleek packaging?I have a huge affinity for design, so when developing my own line, the packaging was very important. Design matters. I wanted it to be sustainable, yet high end and glamorous. It turned out to be hard using recyclable materials to obtain just that; it always looked a little too “recycled.” I ended up contacting a hero of mine, designer Marc Atlan, whose work I had always loved, and explained to him the challenges I was facing. He introduced me to the beautiful metal we now use. It has the design finish I was looking for. The compact is meant to be a one-time purchase, almost like a piece of jewelry and you keep refilling it. I feel we were able to do both, be chic and sustainable.

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Where do you think organic makeup is headed?I firmly believe organic makeup is the future. Once customers realize the performance of organic makeup equals, or is sometimes better than that of conventional brands, and that compromises in natural/organic makeup are a thing of the past, I truly believe it will be the new norm. Taking synthetics out of your make-up routine, why wouldn’t it?

What’s next for the Kjaer Weis brand?I would love to make organic makeup available to women around the globe. I think they deserve an alternative. As far as new releases, product development is my passion and I’m working on a variety of things.

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