Don't Miss the Kitten Bowl this Weekend—These Cats Are Guaranteed to Go Viral

The Kitten Bowl Is Almost Here! Here's Your First Look at the Cat-letes
Photo: Instagram

Meow! The third annual Kitten Bowl is this Sunday, and the competition is already looking fierce. In fact, who needs the Super Bowl, when the felines in contention are pretty darn su-purr themselves? All 44 cats participating, which means they'll be pouncing, playing, napping, and being all-around adorable, come from Long Island-based animal shelters and have already been adopted. But if you’re still interested in bringing home a furry friend, have no fear: You can check out more adoptable cats and kittens on their live Kitten Cam.

Beth Ostroksy Stern, an animal rights activist and proud foster mom, will be hosting the bound-to-go-viral event. You can catch the action Jan. 7 at 12 p.m. ET on the Hallmark channel, but until then, here’s your sneak peak at the ferocious contenders.

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