Kit Harington Will Be Honored at the Children's Film Festival in Italy

Kit Harington is ditching Jon Snow's giant black fur cloak for a mission of a very different kind. According to The Hollyood Reporter, Harington is headed to Giffoni International Film Festival—the largest film event for children in Europe—in Italy's small southwestern town of Giffoni Valle Piana next month. In addition to hosting a master class on his work, he will also be presented with the festival's Giffoni Experience Award on July 19. The fest, which runs from July 14 through July 22, invites thousands of kids from all over the world to serve as film jurors. This year's theme is "Into the Magic," which seems appropriate given Harington's turn as Game of Thrones' resurrected hero.

Last year Jennifer Aniston was the recipient of the Giffoni Experience Award. In a candid Q&A with attendees, the actress became visibly emotional when a teenage girl asked if she ever wakes up in the morning not knowing her true self. Her answer was yes. "There's nothing that separates us from you because we all started at the same place. We all came out of nowhere," she said. "Don't punish yourself if you feel that. Go talk to people and seek help and always find something to inspire you."

We can't wait to hear what Kit has to say at this year's event!

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