Kit Harington Cried About the Game of Thrones Ending

This better not mean something happens to Jon Snow!

In a recent interview, Kit Harington revealed he finally knows how Game of Thrones is going to end and that he "cried at the end." Cue the fan theories.

The cast of the hit HBO show read through the script for the final season last week, and Harington was willing to admit it made him emotional.

"You have to remember that eight years of it no one really cares about it more than us," the actor said, according to Metro News. "I get a bit weepy thinking about it. It's going to be a strange year saying goodbye to everyone and having last scenes with this person and that person."

Harington's character, Jon Snow, has long been a fan favorite, and we're betting he'll be one of the last characters standing at the end of season 8.

Even though he's sad to see the show end, Harington also says he's ready to move onto new projects: "I'm looking forward to finishing, and eight years is the right amount of time. I wouldn't want it to go on any longer than it has."

The final season of Game of Thrones can't come quickly enough! We're dying to know what happens.

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