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Alexandra Whittaker
Oct 20, 2017 @ 12:45 pm

Kirsten Dunst may be known as an actress, but to one of her fans, she's a social media fairy godmother. The star took to Twitter on Thursday to make dreams come true—literally.

And all it took was a single word. When one Twitter user sent Dunst a funny request that he called his "biggest dream," her response was spot on.

"I'd say my biggest dream is telling Kirsten Dunst I'm a huge fan only for her to mutter 'Pathetic' and walk away," the user wrote to her. Naturally, Dunst had the best response ever.

"Pathetic," she wrote.

What a win.

The user who originally tweeted her thought so too. He replied to Dunst, and said, "Honored. And now I have no dreams left!"

Talk about a perfect tweet thread. It just goes to show that when Twitter's good, it's really good, especially when Dunst gets involved. The actress has been busy lately filming new projects, being a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding, and supporting fashion designers, but we love that she still finds time to mess around with fans.

TBD on whether or not Dunst is taking other dream requests though.

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