Kirsten Dunst's Latest News Had Her Mom Crying at the Grocery Store

Kirsten Dunst
Photo: John Rasimus/Barcroft Media

Kirsten Dunst buried the lede when she posted to Instagram with the caption: "my mom is always at Vons." Relatable, for sure. More exciting than a grocery run: the Beguiled actress is about to get her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

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Dunst, 35, shared the big news with her mama in a text that was heard 'round the Internet. "Getting my star on the walk of fame!," the actress wrote. Cue waterworks in the produce section. "I'm crying at Vons I'm so happy tell me more Sat can we celebrate," her loving mom wrote back. Can you blame the woman for being so vaklempt?

Though Kirsten's still young, she's been at this Hollywood thing for a long time. In fact, the stunner first appeared on screen at just six years old, in Woody Allen's New York Stories. Since then, she's lit up the screen in everything from Spider-Man to Marie Antoinette. Talk about Hollywood royalty!

Also, Kirsten, we're totally down to celebrate with you and mom on Sat. Text us! And mom, you may want to add "all the bubbly" to your next shopping list.

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