We have a lot of questions.


Kirsten Dunst’s been a household name for more than two decades, but she’s taken a step back from the spotlight in recent years, presumably to focus on her family with fellow actor Jesse Plemons. Considering her retreat, we were surprised to see the Golden Globe and Emmy nominee making her return in — of all places — ethical clothing brand Entireworld’s latest (and strangest) campaign.

In said campaign videos, Dunst is wearing Entireworld merch and galivanting (seesawing, gardening, lounging, dancing, and yurt-ing) with a fuzzy green creature who goes by the name of Muboo.

Muboo, who, despite having his very own Instagram page, has not yet reached celebrity status, appears to prefer a different spelling to his name, “Mubu.” Clearly, he bristles against authority.

Each video features a distinctly after school special-esque score and the blandly smiling-robot acting that has come to characterize sex-ed videos from the early ‘90s.

Sooo … wyd, Kirsten?

We have a few theories:

1) Sofia Coppola Is Transitioning Into Children’s Programming

Who else could inspire Dunst to return to the fore but four-time (if you count her Bling Ring cameo) collaborator Sofia Coppola? She and Kirsten are both parents to young children, so maybe furry mascot programming is hitting home? Plus, #sponcon is so in right now.

2) Entireworld Is Appealing to the Stoner Market

Perhaps motivated by the allure of the Teletubbies, Entireworld decided to create a mascot who would attract the eye (and wallet) of high shoppers everywhere. All we’re missing is a video of Kirsten and Muboo hitting up the Taco Bell drive-through at 3 a.m.

3) Muboo (or “Mubu”) Is a Mutinous Disgruntled Entireworld Employee Who’s Hypnotized Kirsten Dunst

Who knows what this giant gumdrop is capable of. Maybe he took over the brand’s creative direction (by force, of course) and used his obvious mind control powers to sway the screen star. (FYI: This is a movie we would 100% watch.)

4) This Is Season 4 of Fargo

TV is just so experimental these days.

Whatever the case, we’re loving the newfound abundance of Kirsten on our feed. More, please.