By Rita Kokshanian
Updated Apr 08, 2016 @ 1:45 pm
Interview With a Vampire - Lead
Credit: © Warner Bros/Courtesy Everett Collection

Now this is how you do Flashback Friday. Long before Instagram was invented, Kirsten Dunst was just a 10-year-old actress sharing her first kiss ever with none other than Brad Pitt—no big deal. The movie was Interview with the Vampire, and although Dunst may have been disgusted by the concept of kissing a man 19 years her senior (understandably), we think the film makes for some pretty epic #FBF fodder, and the actress seems to agree.

Dunst took to Instagram to share a photo of herself and Pitt from the set of the movie, and you won't be able to double-tap it quick enough. In the pic, Pitt is sporting long bleach blonde locks, a goatee, and a very sexy stare, while Dunst looks beyond adorable with bangs.

Dunst only joined Instagram two weeks ago, but the private actress is already becoming a pro at putting her life on display. In addition to the throwback with Pitt, Dunst has also shared a photo with Christian Bale and Winona Ryder as well as one from the set of Marie Antoinette. If you're not following her, do so ASAP.