Admit it, you wore your hair like this, too.


Back in 2003, Kirsten Dunst was still riding the teen queen wave, having just starred in now-classic Mona Lisa Smile, now-maligned Spider-Man, and iconic Bring It On. And because the '00s are practically defined by those films, Dunst's looks are all wrapped up in the mystique of the time, too. When she and her then-beau Jake Gyllenhaal arrived at the Focus Features 2003 Golden Globes After-Party, she wore her hair like just about every girl did: in a casual ponytail with a poof at the front, simultaneously adding a little height, a dash of fancy, and letting everyone know that it wasn't just any ponytail.

Dunst kept everything about the look low-key and easy. Even though she was wearing a Chanel dress, she paired it with minimal makeup and the poof, which would go on to become a go-to look on Fox's The OC, its reality-show spin-off, Laguna Beach. The front poof would become a cultural touchstone when it became a major player on MTV's Jersey Shore, too, though it goes all the way back to Dunst's after-party look and even further to anyone who was just trying to get their bangs out of their eyes.

60th Golden Globe Awards - Feature Focus Party
Credit: SGranitz/Getty Images

Dunst's look made headlines for other reasons later on. In 2006, when Reese Witherspoon would win a Golden Globe for her role in Walk the Line, she did it while wearing Dunst's Chanel dress. She was told the dress was vintage, Todayreports, and the French label issued an apology.

"We are honored that Reese chose to wear Chanel and thought she looked beautiful," the company said in a statement. "We congratulate her on her well-deserved win." Today adds that the company was "unaware" that Dunst had worn the dress, which was from a 2002 couture collection.

"Reese was told the dress was vintage," Witherspoon's publicist, Nancy Ryder, later told the Post. "It was not. I'm not angry — just a little disappointed, but the big deal is Reese won the Golden Globe."

What newspapers failed to mention, however, was that another part of Witherspoon's look was taken from Dunst's original outing with the dress: her hair also featured a poof, though it was a little more subtle.