Why Is Kim Kardashian Hanging Out with Hollywood's Favorite Divorce Attorney?

The annual Kardashian holiday party was appropriately festive. Not only were there celebs all clad in white, there was snow and snow-related activities for the kiddos and kids at heart. But that's not all — thanks to Kim Kardashian's Instagram, her followers noticed that a certain celebrity divorce lawyer present.

In one of her slideshow posts, which Kim simply captioned, "More Xmas Eve Pix," there was a snapshot of Laura Wasser, who handled the Brangelina divorce, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin's conscious uncoupling, and Kim's divorce with Kris Humphries. So, uh, should we be worried?

Having Wasser on the guest list isn't surprising, since she did handle the Humphries ordeal — after all, life's a little different when you're a Kardashian. Fans are speculating that Kim's getting cozy with Wasser just in case there's trouble in paradise. Even though she's been quiet over Kanye's latest love affair with Donald Trump, many see his newfound political interests to be a breaking point for Kardashian. Through his tirades and controversial actions (MAGA hat included) she's doubled down on her support for his choices, but not his politics.

However, add to all that the fact that Kanye was there at the party, and things get a little bit fuzzy for anyone who thinks the two are headed towards divorce.

According to NBC, Wasser also handled Khloé Kardashian's divorce, non-divorce, and eventual actual divorce with Lamar Odom.

But there could be one another reason for Wasser's appearance at the party. She's been out promoting her new DIY divorce website, It's Over Easy, so the extra hit of publicity certainly doesn't hurt her bottom line. Nothing's better for the headlines than having her appear with her very satisfied clients. So, it could be a little bit of self-promotion or a little bit of research. Nobody knows for sure, but these breadcrumbs are certainly giving fans lots to work with.

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