Tyra Banks, Kim Kardashian
Credit: Christopher Polk/Getty

Kim Kardashian has enlisted a celebrity advisor to help her decide on a wedding gown—Tyra Banks! We spotted the pair chatting at VH1's Do Something Awards this weekend. "She was just asking me about her wedding dress," said Banks, who plans to drop by Kardashian’s place for a one-on-one consultation. "She wants to show me her wedding dress, or two. She wants me to help her decide, so that was flattering." Even though Kardashian hasn’t chosen “the one” yet (with just five days to go!), Banks has a silhouette in mind for her Vera Wang gown—tight! "She’s got those curves and she needs to show everybody just how fine she is when she walks down the aisle," the supermodel said. Click through the gallery to see this year's hottest celebrity weddings, and tell us, what do you think Kardashian will wear on her big day?

Caitlin Petreycik with reporting by Andrea Simpson