Kim Kardashian's Post-Emmys Workout

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty

After a long Emmys night of red carpet photos and press interviews, not to mention a little duet with host Jimmy Fallon, you'd think reality star Kim Kardashian would allow herself to sleep in. Not so! Just hours after the last after-party wound down the reality star tweeted: "Early morning Gunnar work out kicked my butt! No more excuses! I've officially made working out a necessity! U should 2." So what does it take to maintain her famous figure? "Dedication and consistency. I never hear 'I can't' from her," her trainer Gunnar Petersontold us. "She's very realistic about her body. She wants to stay in shape and meet the regular demands of her schedule." Kardashian's hour-long workout with Peterson post Emmys included lower body, core work and a lot of high-intensity fast-burst interval cardio. "She killed it!" said Peterson. Want to shape up like Kim? Follow her workout after the jump!

Try Kim's high-intensity cardio set:

1. 10 powerplate pushups (if you don't' have access to a powerplate, use a stack of beach towels to challenge your core stability)

2. 30 seconds jogging on treadmill (40 percent incline, level 2.2)

3. 11 powerplate pushups

4. 60 seconds jogging on treadmill (40 percent incline, level 2.3)

5. 12 powerplate pushups

6. 90 seconds jogging on treadmill (40 percent incline, level 2.4)

EXTRA: Kim finished her workout with a variety of lower-body exercises including lunges, powerplate leg raises, cable rotations and then did core work.

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