By Jennifer Davis
Updated Mar 06, 2018 @ 7:45 pm

Kim Kardashian West is not here for false Yeezy rumors.

Earlier today a verified Twitter account called The Yeezy Mafia claimed that Kanye West invited buyers to a showroom in Paris to see the upcoming collection, but there weren't any clothes or shoes to preview.

In now-deleted post, the account wrote, "YEEZY SEASON 7. Stockists were invited to a showroom that was empty, it was an unexpected meeting explaining that there won’t be any apparel or accessories for SEASON 7 as Kanye West couldn’t do what he wanted to achieve with this collection."

After hearing about this false claim, Kim took to Twitter to put the rumors to rest with a series of scathing tweets. "How can a verified account represent Yeezy with false information. You do NOT work for Yeezy and NOT affiliated. How are you gonna believe an account that posts fake color ways," she wrote.

"Season 6 was genius. All of my Japan looks are season 7 & will be online soon. Yeezy does not play by fashion rules. The show room was strictly shoes & always intended for that."

She followed up those tweets with several showing off the Season 7 looks she wore in Japan.

When a fan questioned how The Yeezy Report got verified, Kim assured everyone that she's getting to the bottom of it. "Oh I’ve made calls...just wait." Watch out world.

InStyle reached out to The Yeezy Mafia to verify the information they reported and to confirm that they were indeed invited to the Yeezy showroom. "Yeah everything is true," they replied back via e-mail.

According to the Kardashian West that's not the case, and from subsequent Tweets, like "WHO IS UP ?? RT" and replying "Ask Kyle’s mom" to a question about shipping to Canada, it doesn't seem like the account is legitimate.