Kim Kardashian's Very Good White House Suits, Ranked

Last night's head-to-toe gold look included. 

While she's more inclined to take to the streets in body-con Yeezy or vintage Thierry Mugler, Kim Kardashian knows her audience. For her four visits to the White House over the year, the lawyer-in-training passed on the bandage dresses and opted for power suiting, a move that showed everyone, President Donald Trump included, that she definitely has the range.

With four tailored ensembles under her belt, it's time to take a look at how she's put her own spin on the suit.

No. 4: Business Casual

For her second trip to Capitol Hill, Kim wore a riff on business casual that brought together a tuxedo-style jacket and black jeggings. While it's a pretty great look, it falls low on the list because Kim's other looks are such standouts.

No. 3: Blue Period

A more recent visit to the White House in June saw Kim getting playful. Instead of the all-black outfits that she'd worn for her first two trips, she stepped out in a teal suit with exaggerated shoulders and larger-than-life lapels that were reminiscent of the '80s (in the best way).

The occasion marked the official announcement of a partnership between Lyft and the First Step Act, and Kim continued her efforts to bring attention to prison reform. She accessorized the look with an exotic-skin Hermes clutch and coordinating pumps.

No. 2: Not Quite All-Black Everything

For her first visit with President Trump back in May of last year, Kim proved that all-business could include a little bit of fun. Her Vetements pantsuithad definite Kris Jenner vibes, but she injected the serious look with bright-yellow shoes, breaking up the all-black outfit with a jolt of color. Her Oval Office photos, where she's standing beside the president at Resolute desk, have become iconic, just like Kardashian's combo of serious and straight-up capital-F Fashion.

No. 1: The Latest is the Greatest

Kim K White House Suits
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Now that trips to D.C. seem to be a regular event on Kardashian's iCal, she's adding more personality to her suits. Instead of sticking to her tried-and-true black outfits, her most recent trip showed the most glamour yet. The monochromatic beige look was a mashup of formality and Yeezy thanks to the shiny bodysuit she wore underneath the very '70s Charlie's Angels tailored tan suit.

This time around, she also brought along her 6-year-old daughter, North, and MJ Campbell, Kim's grandmother. While it's not clear what this visit entailed — speculation ranges from more talk of prison reform to A$AP Rocky's arrest in Sweden — Kim was certainly dressed to take on anything.

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