What Kim Kardashian Is Probably Whispering into Kanye West's Ear

Kim Kardashian West’s plea for the public to help her up her Instagram game is really paying off. We’re not sure what kind of feedback she got, but her Insta’ game has been ***flawless for the past couple weeks. One of the major reasons for the improvement lies in her inclusion of Kanye West. Historically, the reality star’s 'grams of her and her rapper husband have been infrequent, but she’s been all about Kanye + Kim Kouple shots since she launched her unofficial social media rebranding.

We’re loving it, Kim!

Anyway, the E! star’s latest tasteful photo of the hubs shows her sweetly whispering in his ear with a grainy black-and-white filter setting the scene.

Naturally, we couldn’t help but wonder what she was saying—so, we did what was only logical, and came up with some predictions. Here are our theories on what KKW was really saying.

1) “It’s your turn to change Saint’s diaper.”

C’mon, they have two kids—it’s not all bodysuit-clad date nights and nude motorcycle riding.

2) “I love you like Kanye loves Kanye.”

We all know this is the ultimate compliment. In fact, Mr. West probably insists that people refer to him in third person while he’s in the same room.

3) “I want to start spelling my name with a ‘C’.”

Obvs, she can’t drop a bomb like that while E!’s camera crew is on the scene. Can you imagine what such an admission would do to the Kardashian brand??

4) “Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins don’t actually do anything for my hair.”

That would be a game changer.

5) “I’m 50 years old.”

Plot twist: Kim K. was actually the inspiration for Younger.

We're placing our bets on one of these …

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